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Girls' Night

This evening is for all girls k-5th grade. Come experience some girls time; to hang out, eat, get pampered and dressed up, and walk the runway! We want these young ladies to know that no matter who they are or where they come from they can be a city on a hill, a light in the darkness, a lighthouse in the storm. We want them to know how they can shine.

If you would like to register a young lady for this even please click on the tab below.

We are also going to need volunteer for the evening. We will need some ladies to help us with decorating, food, hair, makeup, dresses, as well as some ladies to be group leaders for the evening. We will also need some men and women to help us after in the tearing down and cleaning up process. If you would be willing to help us in any of these places, please sign up be clicking the tab below.

Earlier Event: July 18
Later Event: April 1